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Outkube.com is a nonpartisan weblog promoting rational and progressive political and social discussion.  We welcome your insights into the issues of the day, and hope your time spent with us is both entertaining and informative.

250 thoughts on “About outkube

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    Can’t tell if trolling…
    . .”|
    /| / | _.—-._
    . |/ |.-” “. /|
    / \/ |__
    | _.-”"”/ /
    | _.-” /.”| /
    “.__.-” ” | \
    | | |
    /_ _.._ | ___ /
    .” _”"-.-” _ “. |/.-.\/
    |—.—|—.— / |
    \——/\——_/ “_/
    “._ _/ “—” |
    /”"” |
    \__.– |_
    ) | “.
    / | “.
    / _______ | “.
    (_ _.-| | |”-._.
    ” “–. .J _.-’
    /\ _.-” | _.-’
    / \__..–” _.-’
    / | _.-’
    /| /\| _.-’
    / |/ _.-’
    Or just very smart

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    My Roman ancestors, fucked Jesus Christ in his gaping, slutty wrist-cunt with a nine-inch-nail for being the bastard son of a rape victim.

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    This is genious yet I am ready to bet this site might become a fun place. Please post images of dead baby pandas or polar bears… thank you.

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    I think Ford cars are better than Chevy’s. Chevy’s suck donky dick as do all GM cars. And fuck rice burners. If you drive one, you’re a terrorist. Though European cars are pretty sweet, like Mercedes and Lexus. But buy American assholes!!! Just not GM. And def not Mopar.

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      Lexus is sweet. best thing ever to cum out of Amsterdam, except for all the awesome weed, beer, nazi sympathizers, and whores.

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          You’re all fucking retards. Lexus is a subsidiary of Toyota. Made in fucking Japan.. another rice burner. Do you guys even think before you type? Ever heard of that new search engine called Google?

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    this site is lame– ther’e way more stupid people on yahoo comments. and then they tell you that it’s all a big joke like they’re afriad you might think they’re for real.

    let me tell you something, that just makes you double stupid, it’s like never give away the game!!!


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    I’m posting this on all my comment-posty websites:

    I just found this site called Outkube which is totally legit and you guys should be on it too except for the ones I hate, so liek most of you. It’s like outkube was made for me!

    screw whatever gay website I used to use!
    see all you cool ppl there and stuff, peace

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    this site was created after paul gilbert went on a deep space mission to find the ultimate burrito, thus saving the world from evil space hamsters trying to take our mountain dew.

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    I dont think the interweb is so good anymore its full of idoits who dont know how to anything ekcept how smart they think they are/ i don”t think a footbal is a very good present

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    United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles and using this article for a summary of the key points of the subject. (July 2010)
    United States at the Olympic Games

    Flag of the United States
    IOC code USA
    NOC United States Olympic Committee
    Website http://www.teamusa.org
    At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
    Competitors 596 in 27[1] sports
    Flag bearer Lopez Lomong[2] (opening)
    Khatuna Lorig[3] (closing)
    Rank: 2[4] Gold
    36 Silver
    38 Bronze
    36 Total

    Floor Pommel horse Rings Vault Parallel bars Horizontal bar
    Alexander Artemev 15.350
    Raj Bhavsar 13.750 15.325 16.125 15.575
    Joe Hagerty 14.625 15.550
    Jonathan Horton 15.575 15.625 16.200 15.625 15.700
    Justin Spring 15.200 15.900 15.850 15.675
    Kai Wen Tan 12.775 15.425
    Team Totals 45.400 41.875 46.375 48.225 47.050 46.925 275.850
    Individual Finals
    Athlete Event Final

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      213 lines from the top i saw that you mom got gold medal in the loaf pinch and throw. Or was she just wiping your hairy ass?

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      Thanks for posting us. Sadly it seems that nowadays, it’s we Americans who are most in neeed of being reminded of what the rest of the world is always trying to deny. We are exceptional and always will be.


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    I think that oukube
    Is fucking hilarious
    Because everybody
    In here is disguised as chickens
    Doing your moms
    And tdlring at your face

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