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    You are all so fucking liberal here! This is proof that the liberal media is everywhere! Thank the true God that we will be retaking the White House next year!

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      You know what, you’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t see this truth before. May the true God bless deez nuts as I drape them gently on your chin.

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          I’m not going to say anything about my positions on various issues due to the fact that nobody is listening or supporting me anyway.

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            Senator Santorum, you will always have the backing of Gretchen, Steve and the other douche bag from Fox and Friends. Remember our motto, Fair and balanced as long as you are to the Right of Ruppert.

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        After being on line for three months, one problem I see with this site is that they put TO MANY topics to comment on up at one time.Instead of putting up one topic every three weeks, how about one topic every six months or so? Thanks!!

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          I’m having a hard time listening to the entire right wing population of this country and their belly aching about a nominee for President. Do what you’ve been doing for the last 40 years, blindly elect a male from the Royal Bush family.

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            It’s time for real change in the right wing political landscape. Right wing fascists want and crave real change, and I just don’t think your son Neil is the one to initiate that change. Aside from the ripping off bank customers back in the 80′s, what other dishonest scams has he been involved in? Newts resume goes from forced resignation for being dishonest to two failed marriages featuring multiple adulteries….
            He is also the only Republican who had the balls to call that miserable little weirdo- weasel Paul Ryans plan exactly what it is, right wing social engineering.

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            My daughter does not have a checkered past to run on, so I will leave you with this thought: If Michelle wins the Presidential race, you won’t have to pay her $500,000 a year like you do when the President is a male. I’m thinking $15,000 a year is fair compensation for a female president.

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          I like this site, especially the s….l…o…w pace that topics are posted.
          Gotta go. I’ll check back in a month or two to comment on the next topic.

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        I’m sure that the people controlling this site are doing what comes naturally to all new start ups. They are taking the money that was pooled for this site and paying themselves big salaries and not putting shit into the site itself.

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      While the Rethugs may take back the White House, it won’t be the freakin’ idiot that is your namesake. Hold your nose, fight the urge to vomit and vote for Gnewt or Romney.

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    one thing I hate about this site is that it’s too obvious that the “articles” are jokes. you should try to make them more objective. like instead of how soccer is so great, have the article be– over most of the world, soccer is the most popular sport. that’s just a fact, and it’s not super-obvious that the person writing it is trying to yank everybody’s chain. but some of the comments are good so on balnce I’d say, nice work and keep trying and you’ll improve. also clip art is lame, but again good work.


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        If elected President, I will abolish all Federal agencies and regulations. By doing this, we will be a lawless country and everybody will get along together in peace and harmony.From that point on, the libertarian party will defend every Americans right to do whatever it is they want to do whenever they want to do it no matter how obnoxious it is. I will aso purpose this idea for America to ponder. My Vice Presidential pick will most likely be my goofy, ginger, position parroting mini me son,Rand.

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      Whatever the voting public thinks about me, you’ve got to admit that I’m pretty darned good at acting like I have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the nomination..

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    I bought the Chronomatic Plus wrist watch but when I press on the button the numbers are not visible. PLZ help, this is bad product!!!

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    Im sorry, butt
    I wrote a stoopid article
    Just to let you know
    I wrote on the about outkube page
    Go check it out
    Bitchiz or ill kill you

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    I am sooo sick of dog people. They think their dogs can do whatever the hell they want to. Like, please, I don’t appreciate your dog’s crotch rubbing against my brand new topsiders.

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    Can’t tell if there is either a small group of intelligents carefully seeding and facilitating conflict in the comments, or if there are just a rather large number of incredibly dumb people.

    If it’s one or the other or a little bit of both, then this site fulfills its function perfectly. Carry on.

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    Are there any bots on this website creating random, provoking content? I was wondering about this. My feedback is that they should add more bot content.

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    the enviromentals talk about science and education but they only look at infomation that supports thier position,they should try looking at all the information not just the spoon fed stuff from thier marxist cronies

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      Liberal scientists are abandoning their radical positions on this subject. From this point forward, here are our recommendations: Relocate all Extreme Right Wing republicans and global warming doubters to these three areas of the USA. The East coast, the West Coast, or the Gulf coast. Then we will erect a fence 125 miles inland that the rest of the population will live behind. When the polar ice caps melt and sea level rises, it will drown all the Right Wing doubters. The rest of us will have beachfront property with magnificent sunrise and sunset views with dead right wing doubters washing up on shore to collect like sea shells..

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    i feel like the kerning on the font isnt that good. also they should use times new roman instead of ariel so it can be more legable. but i liek ther css styles and the javascript is good. good work! :-)

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    Linux rulez|||||||||||||Any of you WINDOZE ever desktopp cube? Mybe pick up you monitorrrr and spin it around? Hahahahaha

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